You Can’t Hurry Love

This morning we were rushing out the door to get to school. Tessa hopped into the garage and stopped (top!) suddenly. She turned to look back at Ross and stared for a few seconds too long, prompting me to say, “Come Tessa! Let’s go to school!”. She looked at me, looked back at Ross, and ran to give his knees one last hug.  Ross looked up with tears in his eyes.

From now on, I must remember that Tessa knows exactly what we are saying and precisely what she is doing.  Her actions are no longer reactions, but conscious choices she has made.  Sure I can hurry her through dressing or eating, but I must remember that in doing so, I am rushing through her life.  She knows better than I when to wait, and sometimes I need to rest and follow her lead. Perhaps with her guidance, I will stop (top!) hurrying love.